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The New DigiTech DOD Mini-Volume & Mini-Expression Have Landed

The new DigiTech DOD Mini-Volume and Mini-Expression have landed, and after seeing them in person, my first thought was “why didn’t they do this years ago?” 

A Volume and Expression pedals are two of the most commonly used pedals, but also they’re two of the largest, clunkiest, heaviest pedals that take up space on your pedal-board, and I think every gigging musician will agree that nothing is more valuable in a show than space and weight. Big, heavy amp stacks are as impractical as they are out of fashion, and smaller profile for amplifiers, for pedals, for speakers mean it’s easier to carry, easier to fit in your car, on your stage, in your lineup, and has a great affordable price without sacrificing tone quality OR build quality.

Dramatic? maybe not. But life-changing? absolutely.

Purchase the DOD-MINI Volume here and the DOD-MINI Expression here

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