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A guitar amp is a piece of equipment that takes the weak electrical signal from your guitar's pickups and blasts it out of a speaker in the form of music. This is a critical piece of gear for any electric guitar player, because the amp is the main accessory that determines the guitar's sound. ----

Guitar Amplifiers

Back in the day, it was incredibly difficult for a guitar to be heard over the other instruments in a band. Musicians started using loud speaker systems in theaters to amplify the sound of an acoustic guitar, but this was expensive, cumbersome and could not help touring musicians.

The revolution in guitar amplifiers came in the 1950s and '60s when several British companies started making their own amps, including the legendary Jim Marshall, who invented the Marshall stack. This has guitar amp became the voice of music for several generations of guitar players.

Nowadays there are lots of new products out there for anybody looking to find a new amp for their guitar.

Guitar Amps

There are four main types of guitar amps that you can get. There are vacuum tube, solid state amp, hybrid, acoustic, and modeling amps.

These all have different benefits depending on your preference and the sound you are going for. If you learn about the differences between each of these styles you will understand which gear will help you with your playing.

You can checkout the different guitar amps that you can get if you take a visit to Belfield Music's online store.

Huge Range

If you are looking for a guitar amp to go with your new electric guitar, there is a huge range of options that you can choose from.

Some of the most popular brands include Boss, Behringer, Ibanez, Orange, Roland, Fender, Vox and Marshall. You can search for each of these by heading over to Belfield Music's store to see what the team has in stock.