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What Is a MIDI Keyboard?

A MIDI keyboard is a type of studio gear that you can use to virtually record musical instruments. It connects to a musical instrument digital interface and your music software so that you can sequence digital sounds.

MIDI is a type of computer file emulates the sound of native instruments that you can down load online. A MIDI keyboard is not a musical instrument, because it does not create the sounds itself. It is simply a tool that you can use to sequence MIDI sounds that already exist.

Why Use MIDI Controllers?

MIDI controllers are a tool that lets you program music that sounds as if it was recorded with native instruments. This is a good option for creating music that would be difficult or expensive to record live. For example, you can create an entire string symphony right in your closet by using MIDI keyboards.

MIDI keyboards are great because you have access to a wide range of instruments that you would normally not have to in real life, and you can record them quietly without waking up the neighbors. Unlike recording live instruments, you have almost complete control over the sounds with a MIDI controller.

Buying MIDI Keyboards

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