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What Are PA Speakers?

PA speakers are part of a public address system. That means you need them in order to broadcast sound across a large space or to a large audience. This can be a tool to help you give speeches at a convention or equipment to help people hear the music at your band's next show.

There are different types of PA speakers that you can get. There are portable PA systems and heavier studio gear. Your PA system will consist of a microphone, sound mixer, and powered speakers.

Why Do I Need PA Speakers?

You need PA speakers if you are giving any speeches or are organizing a musical performance. This lets you broadcast even sound mixes across the room or concert venue. They will also go great with your lighting system.

Having a PA speaker is different from having amplifiers. Even a large amplifier will not have enough power to be fully heard in a loud environment.

It will also be harder to control the sound mix if you are relying on amplifiers. Having a PA system lets you have more control over the mix of your speech or performance.

The specific size and power of the PA speaker that you need depends on the room size that you are using it in.

Where Do I Get PA Speakers?

The brands that we have in stock include Alto Pro Audio, Behringer, JBL, Korg, Pioneer, Samson, and Peavey.

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