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Guitar Trade-Ins

Trade in your old Guitar!

Is your guitar due for an upgrade? Or you really want a new one but it's just out of your price range? Well Belfield Music now accept Trade-Ins on Fender Branded Guitars. We will also be opening a Trade-In Service to all other brands shortly so keep an eye out for those announcements on our socials as they come. Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

We offer our Trade-In service in person instore or online via emails/phone. Our Online Trade-Ins is a great way for our interstate, distant or time poor customers to take advantage of our Trade-In Service.

Why choose to Trade-In?

Trade-ins are a great way to upgrade your guitar and get that new piece of gear you’ve been eyeing out. This can help to turn your old guitar into fresh new gear! What's more inspiring than a new Guitar, Amp, Effects Pedal or any piece of equipment to keep you motivated to keep playing music.

How Instore Trade-Ins Work?

Just come instore with your Guitar and our full time Guitar Tech will give it the look over, we will inspect the Guitar thoroughly and offer a TIV (Trade In Value). If possible please call ahead to ensure our Guitar Tech is available to assist you when you come in.

If you agree to the TIV you then can use that amount against a New purchase of a guitar, amp or any piece of equipment in our store.

Please note we will not offer credit notes or cash for a Trade-In you will need to put the TIV towards a New purchase or layby.

How Online Trade-Ins Work?

To start an Online Trade-In, simply just email us at admin@belfieldmusic.com.au, please include as many photos & and information about the Guitar you wish to trade-in. Our Guitar Tech will then respond with a preliminary TIV (Trade In Value). If you are happy with the preliminary TIV you then need to ship the guitar (at your own cost) to us for inspection. If everything is as described & pictured, we will approve the TIV to go against your new purchase. Otherwise if there are any discrepancies we will re-evaluate the TIV for your consideration. If you decline the re-evaluated TIV we will ship the guitar back to you (at our cost), otherwise the new TIV can be applied to your new purchase.

Please note as with instore Trade-Ins we will not offer credit notes or cash for a Trade-In you will need to put the TIV towards a New purchase or layby.

Why choose Belfield Music?

Belfield Music are a renowned Music Retailer both instore & online, we pride ourselves on achieve top customer satisfaction with everything we do and this transitions across to our Trade-In services. Our staff are passionate musicians who understand what is expected and needed by our customers.

What Guitars do we Trade at Belfield Music?

We currently only accept Trade-Ins on Fender Branded Guitars, and your TIV (Trade-In Value) can be used against any piece of equipment we have available for purchase. Whilst our trade-ins are subject to our Guitar Techs approval we will try our best to accept as many trade-ins as possible but we could be limited by business resources at any time and we will be transparent with this when it occurs.

Know what your Trade is worth?

We recommend you do a little bit of research prior to apply for a trade-in, it is a good idea to have an idea of the value you want to receive so that when we come up with a TIV (Trade In Value) you can compare.

Keeping this in mind, it is always a good idea to be a little bit flexible when you ask for a trade-in price on your gear as what we offer may or may not be what you are expecting and we may need to negotiate together to find a common price we are both happy with. Sometimes what we believe an item is worth is dramatically different to what our customer believes it is worth so therefore in some cases we are unable to agree on a price which is just the nature of trade-ins.

Alternate options to Trade-Ins?

We are musicians too and we know the difficulty of saying good bye to your instruments or it's not recommended to trade-in your instrument. You may have a limited edition Guitar or a unit that will hold/increase its value. We will be upfront and make this aware to you right away. 

Alternatively we have other options like a 3 Month Layby, Studio19 Rent to Own option or Zip Pay, Own it Now, Pay it Later.

Ready to trade-in or have a question?

Call us now on 1300 00 77 26 or email us at admin@belfieldmusic.com.au