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A bass amplifier is a device that takes the electrical signal from the pickups on a bass guitar and transforms those low range frequencies into music by powering them through a large heavy amplifier. ----

A bass amplifier functions in a way that is similar to guitar amps. However, because a bass amplifier is dealing with lower range frequencies, there are several differences between them, including in how they are made.

The biggest physical difference between the two kinds of amplifier is that bass amplifiers are significantly larger and heavier than guitar amplifiers. This is because bass amps need more wattage in order to amplify the low range frequencies of a bass guitar.

Different Styles of Bass Amp

Just like with guitar amps, there are a few different kinds of bass amplifier that you can get. There are practice amps, combo amps, and bass stacks. Practice bass amps are the smallest and most portable.

These are great for beginners and will have enough power to amplify your bass guitar while you play in a small room. However, they will not be loud enough for you to hear them during band rehearsals or live performances.

Combos combine the amplifier head and the speakers into one unit. This is often used for recording, rehearsal, and performing in small venues. For larger performances, you need to get bass stack amplifiers.

Get Your Own Bass Amp

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