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You know what? Being in a band is hard, man.It’s not just finding a bunch of people that are talented musicians, on a range of different instruments, and all have the same goal and interests as you, but wow, have you ever tried to organise everybody’s schedules and book in rehearsals? There’s a reason they say that managing a band is like herding cats.
It’s impossible!
But the Digitech Trio pedal changes ALL of that. Drummer can’t make it? Fine! Who needs him! Bass player didn’t learn his parts?
Guess who did!
The Digitech Trio pedal listens to your chords, learns the pattern, and then writes drums and bass to fit, without weeks of frustrating and expensive rehearsals! Whether it’s a tool for you to practise with, teach with, rehearse with, or perform with, the Trio is the kind of pedal that you probably SHOULDN’T be doing without! If someone calls in sick at the last minute? Show’s gotta go on, right? The Trio’s got your back.
These are on a massive clearance special right now, selling at $149 instead of their normal FOUR HUNDRED AND THIRTY.
Can you imagine hiring a session drummer for that price? What about a drummer AND a bass player, that will fit in your gig bag, and follow you home?
Grab one today - I did

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