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AKG K-Series Headphones Overview w/ Daniel @ Belfield Music

We’ve got stock in of the new K52, K72, and K92 range of headphones, and while AKG has been known for a while now for stunning the audio community with quality you wouldn’t expect to see at this price range, I think these headphones surprised me and impressed me more than I had prepared myself for.

The K series is a really clear, bright sound, with a flat even response that’s absolutely great for studio mixing, and a good bass presence that doesn’t overshadow the mids or trebles, or feel coloured by the speaker tone. Isolation didn’t seem stunning when I put the headphones on first, but the second I pressed play, it was magical how the outside world melted away!

These have great, robust construction, soft and comfortable cans, and a flexible one-size-fits all strap, that, while not adjustable, has enough give to fit even my enormous noggin, and doesn’t slip from larger OR smaller domes.

I don’t think you’ll find a better set of phones at anything CLOSE to the sort of price AKG are asking for these, and I know what I’m hoping to find in MY stocking this year!

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