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Korg's In-Ear Metronome Range

Now and then I tell my students they really should get a Metronome. (Occasionally my band-mates, too.)

The bottom line is it doesn’t matter how fast you can play, if you can’t play in time with the rest of your band - what’s the point in that?

Now, students will often tell me they can get a free metronome app on their phone. And that’s great, I suppose, but phones are quiet, they chew through batteries, and if you want to practise with your amp turned on, or in a noisy environment, you might as well give up

Korg, though, has got you covered. They’ve got your back - the IE-1M, or ‘In-Ear Metronome’ is a tiny, light, earpiece metronome with variety of built in rhythms, beats, and super easy jog-wheel metronome function.

Not only that, but the SY-1M SyncMetronome is the same idea, but with each metronome able to synchronize through infra-red - give one to each member of your band for tight rehearsals. 30-piece marching band? 50-piece orchestra? 15-piece jazz-funk band? school band? Fire your conductor! Don’t even think twice! Kick them out!

No, of course not. But fitting your band each with synchronised earpiece metronomes will make the kind of difference that could be night and day for your rehearsals AND performances!

To purchase the Korg IE-1M click here or the Korg SY-1M click here.

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