Foot Stomping Creativity

This might sound like an admission of guilt, but when I started out gigging with my first live band, I didn’t really know what I was doing. 

Sometimes that meant knowing when to tune up, when to set up, when to stand quietly, but sometimes it meant I was doing big silly things like trying to step on five different FX pedals at once - I can remember a whole bunch of times I used to stand up on my wah pedal, so I could quickly press another three pedals without breaking my stride.

Broke that thing pretty quickly.

I had no idea that things like the BOSS MS-3 and ES-8 or ES-5 even existed - these clever things are designed to let you do exactly that, switch from one set of effects to another - turn on these three, turn off those two, have a slew of complex different pre-sets and move between them easily, without needing more legs and feet than the average.

If this sounds confusing or strange, keep it in the back of your head for now, and one day soon, when you’re trying to figure out how the heck to do what you’re trying to do, this’ll be the way.

Sometimes a multi-FX is a great answer, but sometimes you want to use your own favorited pedals, your boutique brands, and it’s good to know there IS a way to do it.

To Purchase: Boss MS-3 | Boss ES-5 | Boss ES-8


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