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Universal Audio Enters Amplifier Attenuation... OX

Universal Audio have branched out into amplifier attenuation, and if you already know about attenuation, if you’re familiar with Universal Audio’s incredible quality standards, then like me, you’re already excited, and saving up your pennies. If this is new to you, then your day is about to get a little brighter - you’re welcome!

Universal Audio is a brand that is well known throughout recording studios of all sizes and professions, for their incredible attention to detail in their preamps, audio interfaces, and especially their DSP effects and mixing/mastering software, and hearing them branch into something as analogue and practical as a high-powered amp attenuator is great news for the guitar community as a whole.

This box absorbs and actively balances the power and volume in your tube amplifier, allowing you to really drive the valves, and find the best tone it has, at any volume you want, right down to headphones!

We’ll do a full write-up of it soon, but you can already imagine how incredibly useful this is, for home practise, for rehearsal, for studio recording, for live performance, literally every time I’m playing, I need this involved. It’s also got some absolutely world-class speaker and mic modelling, for cabinet simulation, right up to the speaker break-up and cone cry of a really thrashed maxed-out amp, at any volume, without destroying your best speaker cabinet!

Keep your eyes peeled, and start putting your spare change aside, because when that shipment arrives, there’s going to be a queue (please keep it orderly), and I’m gonna be right there in it!

Stock is due to arrive late Feb 2018 so get your pre-orders in now

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