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Blackstar FLY Limited Edition - Vintage

What ho, old bean?

Why, do my peppery peepers deceive me, or has yonder amplification doodad turned an attractive and revitalising vintage sepia tone?

Believe you me, for this is no collection of flapdoodle and fiddle-faddle, but a hotsy-totsy choice bit of calico with which to grace the musical stages and halls of the ages.

Do yourselves the indulgence of getting out of your petting pantries and spend a few wooden pennies on the investment of a lifetime!

Blackstar Amplification's luxury and genuine patented bonafide cure-all wonder-tonic! Turn your old suede shoes into Rhythm And Blues! Turn your lumps of coal into rock and roll! Treat yourself to the sound that has the man on the street tapping his feet! That sounds like berries to me!

It's Blackstar Amplification's new Vintage Fly3 Bluetooth Amplifiers! On sale now, and through the miraculous wonders of the internet!

Now you're on the trolley!

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