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Ernie Ball 40th Anniversary Volume Pedal

1978 was a heck of a year. the Space Invaders video game sweeps the world. Saturday Night Fever and Grease are released, to worldwide success.
The first Garfield strip. The first test tube baby. And a string company called Ernie Ball released their first Volume Pedal, which changed history. the volume swell, the violin effect, the fade out, so many crucial and subtle ways of shaping each note and glittering chord you play, so many ways of making your playing creative, expressive and emotional, all come from the Volume Pedal, which has become as much a part of a guitarists’ set-up as a wah pedal, an overdrive or even his guitar.
And now, 40 years later, they’re releasing an updated, limited-edition 40th Anniversary model, and it’s a beauty. Rugged, reinforced Slate-Black metal chassis, tuner input, output to use as an expression pedal, amazing sensitive torque and rotation thanks to a hi-tech Kevlar roping system, and an internal switch to give the high side of the volume swell just a slight brightness to the treble, to really bring a bit of sparkle and life to your playing.
It’s as simple, reliable, and useful as ever, but now, it’s even more so.

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