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Blackstar Core Essesntials - BEAM

Brave Echidna Attacks Military. Nope.

Bread Eventually Attracts Mould. Nope.

Bear Escapes Art Museum. Nuh-uh.

Breakfast Eats A Man. Couldn't be.

Bass. Electric. Acoustic. Media.      Sounds right? You're damn right it does.

The BlackStar Amplification's ID CORE: BEAM is the Swiss Army Knife of guitar amps.

It's loaded with weaponry and equipment to cope with any conceivable situation

- it's got effects, delays, reverbs, chorus, phasers, flangers, tremolos, it's got different amp voices, different types of cleans, crunches, overdrives, and lead channels, it's got an acoustic simulator, but more than that, it's got the unique ability to entirely transform, like some kind of 'transform-er' into a Bass Guitar amplifier, or an Acoustic Guitar amplifier, and this completely re-works its drivers and EQ and processing to suit that entirely different type of instrument. It'll even offer you an entirely different range of effects to suit!

Not to mention that it's EQ'd to be a phenomenal multimedia device, and uses Blackstar's patented 'SuperWide Stereo' technology to really fill the room with crystal clear hi-fi quality audio!

No matter your needs, this amp is the amp for you - and remember

Be Everything And More.

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