Seymour Duncan


Seymour Duncan SSB 5b 5 String Phase II Passive Pickup

Product Information

Just because your soapbars are passive doesn’t mean your tone has to suffer. Some players want great tone, but simply don’t want to hassle with batteries. We can appreciate that. This passive variation has a moderate output and a slightly more subtle tone than its active brothers. The punch you want is still there, but the feel of the pickup is more organic. Drop tunings are no problem for these pickups. Even with the lowest of lows, the articulation and low-end clarity shine. If you have a 4-string bass and you’re switching from an active to passive setup, these will drop-in to any EMG 35 sized pickup slot. If you have a 5-string bass, these will drop-in to any EMG 40 sized pickup slot For optimal tone control, install with our STC-2 or STC-3 preamps.


  • Passive soapbar pickups for 4 and 5-string basses that pack a big punch with organic feel.
  • Passive Soapbar
  • USA Designed and Made
  • Part No. 11405-47