Seymour Duncan


Seymour Duncan SJB 5b 5 String Stack for Jazz Bass Pickup

Product Information

For those wanting an accurate, even feel from their pickups, the passive 5 String Stack noiseless Jazz Bass pickups offer vintage output and a flat response with their blade design. The neck pickup has a subtle, warm character, which as a stand-alone replacement is great. The real magic happens when paired with the bridge pickup, which is wired for a little more definition and snap. When both neck and bridge are used together, you get a great tone with a slight dip in the mid-range; perfect for slap-style playing. This pickup uses a cover that is the size of traditional 5-string Fender Jazz Bass, which mean that, because it uses blades, it can be used on either 4-string or 5-string instruments. It will NOT directly retrofit a modern Fender Jazz V however. Will accommodate string spacings up to 2.9″ (73.6mm) for both neck and bridge pickups. Combine the neck with the 5-string bridge position Jazz Bass Stack for a perfectly matched set. Hand built in Santa Barbara, CA, the 5-string Jazz Bass Stack noiseless Jazz Bass pickups use a ceramic bar magnet, 4-conductor lead-wire, and are vacuum wax potted for squeal free performance.


  • These vintage output noiseless 5-String Jazz Bass pickups use blades instead of individual poles and a stacked-coil architecture to deliver a full, even sounding, noiseless tone.
  • 5 String Stack
  • USA Designed and Made
  • Part No. 11