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Seymour Duncan


Seymour Duncan Antiquity for 1950 Fender Lap Steel Pickup

Product Information

This is a flat pole, single coil pickup that is very similar in certain respects to a Tele lead pickup. In fact, many players who didnt like the stagger of the later Tele pickups pulled these out of lap steels and converted them into Tele lead pickups so they could get back to the old flat pole look and sound of the 53 Tele. As a result, there are a lot of valuable lap steels out there that are missing their pickup because it ended up in a Telecaster. The pickups have a rectangular vulcanized bottom plate, and mounted into the body of the instrument using two wood screws. Each bobbin is fabricated and specially hand-wound using vintage techniques. The bobbins are wrapped in waxed string for added coil protection, and the hookup wire is the classic cloth push-back wire.


  • Vintage correct drop-in replacement for the 1950 Fender Lap Steel.
  • Antiquity Lap Steel
  • USA Designed and Made
  • Part No. 11034-45