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Serato DJ Suite - Software (Serial Only)

Product Information:

Serato DJ Suite Includes
Serato DJ Pro
Serato Video
Serato DVS
Serato FX
Serato Flip
Serato Pitch ‘N’ Time DJ
Serato DJ Pro

Serato DJ is the world's number one DJ software around. Used by everyone from bedroom beginners to touring professionals, in genres from hip-hop to dance, Serato DJ sets the standard you are looking for. Unlock your DJ creativity with Serato's innovative features such as sampling, beatjump, cues, loops and loop rolls, and smooth every mix off with its high-quality FX. With the lowest latency in the market, Serato DJ is one you can rely on.

Serato Video
Add stunning visual effects to your live DJ show. With Serato Video, Download you can easily add video to your DJ workflow and become your own VJ. There's Mac and Windows support, karaoke file support, and the ability to play two video effects on the master video output.

Video effects are not difficult to create either. Choose from a variety of royalty free visuals from Ego and Beeple, or customise and use your own promotional graphics too. Create unique live shows with Serato Video.

Serato DVS
DJ with vinyl using Serato DJ DVS. With this expansion pack you'll be able to connect turntables or CDJs to Serato DJ, allowing you to play your digital tracks on your turntables.

You'll be able to play your digital audio files from your computer with the use of Control Tone CDs or vinyl (sold separately), as well as CDJ media players. The new DVS expansion pack allows you to use Serato NoiseMap vinyl or CDs, alongside compatible controllers. Combine the classic feel of vinyl, with the functionality of a MIDI controller with Serato DJ DVS.

Serato FX
Stylise your sound. Serato FX Kit, Download puts a whole range of customisable DJ FX at your fingertips for spicing up your DJ sets. You’ll get everything from the simple delays and reverbs, to the more complex, audio-bending effects like retro 8-bit.

Separate or combine. With the Serato FX Kit you can use them on their own, or chain up to three FX together for complete track manipulation.

Serato Flip
Create track edits without a DAW. With Serato Flip, Download you can easily extend, shorten, remix, create intros, outros, and reshuffle a track so they're easier to mix. This allows you to make seamless transitions between tracks that are different genres and tempos.


Serato DJ Pro
World's best DJ software
Organise your library with sets and playlists
Coloured waveforms show frequency of sound for bass, mids and treble
Practice and performance mode
Practice mode allows you to mix with keys on your laptop without needing to connect external hardware
Beatjump - instantly jump forwards or backwards in your track, perfectly in time
Loop rolls
Set up to 8 cue points
Set and use Auto Loops, Saved Loops and Manual Loops
Virtual decks show BPM, elapsed/remaining time and tempo adjust
Ableton Link
Record your mixes
Supports all Serato-DJ compatible hardware
Serato Video
Easily add video to your DJ sets
Add your own promotional graphics
Supports a wide array of video file formats on both Mac and Windows
Free video content from Ego, Beeple, Xtendamix, and I Love QC
Karaoke file support
Apply 2 Serato Video effects to the Master output channel
Record your full set with audio and HD video
Audio-linked effects – eg. Audio echoes create visual echoes in the picture
Syphon support – send the main video output to other applications in real time (compatible with third party apps like projection mapping software)
Serato DVS
Connect turntables and CDJs to Serato DJ
Play your audio files with vinyl using Serato Control Tone Vinyl (sold separately)
Gives you the ability to control Serato DJ Pro using Noisemap Control tone CDs or vinyl (sold separately)
Serato FX
Full range of Serato DJ FX
Delays, reverbs, glitch, gated, distortions, filters, pitch loopers, time stretch, and more
Run in single FX mode – with multiple parameters to adjust
Multi FX mode – select up to 3 effects per FX unit, create unique combinations
Serato Flip
Serato DJ Pro expansion pack
Easily extend, shorten, edit, remix, or reshuffle a track
Record and playback cue points to create unique remixes of tracks
Create up to 6 flips, without copying over the original
All flip controls are MIDI mappable – can custom map your hardware to add dedicated Flip controls to any piece of kit
Quantised – Flips always stay in time
Can set Flip to loop
Serato Pitch ‘N’ Time DJ
Serato DJ Pro expansion pack
Match the keys of two tracks for seamless and more natural mixing
Speed up or slow down tracks to extreme values and maintain perfect key
Shift the key of tracks easily
System Requirements
OS: macOS High Sierra 10.13, macOS Sierra 10.12, Mac OS X 10.11 / Windows 10, 8.1, 7
Processor: i3 1.07GHz, i5 1.07GHz, i7 1.07GHZ
Screen Resolution: 1280 x 720
Memory: 4GB
USB: Available USB 2.0 port
Free HDD Space: 5GB