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Serato DJ Pro - Software (Serial Only)

Product Information:

Ideal for Beginners & Professionals
People all around the world use Serato DJ including beginners, intermediates and professionals. A range of big name artists including A-Trak, Fatboy Slim, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Questlove, DJ Dahi, Jasmine Solano, Ben UFO, Hudson Mohawk and more use Serato DJ religiously. With its intuitive and accessible interface, beginners will find it easy to pick up and play. Whether you play dance, house, lo-fi, hip-hop, funk or rock, Serato DJ will help you to become the best DJ you can be. Serato DJ features a practice and performance mode, giving you the essential controls for learning to use Serato DJ, then putting them into practice. Practice mode enables you to mix tracks together without any hardware, giving you keyboard control over many different functions including creating loops and manipulating tempos and flips.

Basic Features
Whatever your style, you can DJ with freedom. Serato DJ offers a range of features that allow you to get creative with your mixes. Onscreen, Serato lets you keep all your music in one place, allowing you to organise your sets and music into playlists for easy management. When each deck is on you can see important information such as BPM, elapsed/remaining time and tempo adjust for beatmatching. The coloured waveforms show frequency of the sound, providing different colours for bass, mids and treble. Serato DJ can also analyse the key of your tracks. This is ideal for smooth mixing, as 2 tracks with the same key mix well together.

Unlock Your Creativity
Serato DJ allows you to prepare your cue points for your tracks. You can set up to 8 different cue points per track which can be triggered from your hardware and are easily visible on your waveform. For example, this allows you to mashup beats on-the-fly or check to see where the drop or build of a track is. The sampler lets you load 8 samples which you can play during your set to give your mixes some enhanced and unique flavour. Set and use auto loops, saved loops and create manual loops for your tracks, and use the Beatjump to instantly jump forwards or backwards in your track by a predetermined amount, perfectly in time. Your can automatically sync your tracks together, allowing you to keep your tracks fully in time and focus on getting creative. Spice up your mixing with the included 46 different FX that allow you to seamlessly transition from one track to the next.


World's best DJ software
Organise your library with sets and playlists
Coloured waveforms show frequency of sound for bass, mids and treble
Practice and performance mode
Practice mode allows you to mix with keys on your laptop without needing to connect external hardware
Beatjump - instantly jump forwards or backwards in your track, perfectly in time
Loop rolls
Set up to 8 cue points
Set and use Auto Loops, Saved Loops and Manual Loops
Virtual decks show BPM, elapsed/remaining time and tempo adjust
Ableton Link
Record your mixes
Supports all Serato-DJ compatible hardware
Integrates with Serato Video (sold separately), providing support for many video formats to create your own music videos and project them live
Up to 46 different FX
Load up to 8 samples into the Sampler
Automatically sync tracks together
Key analysis
Lowest latency
Supports over 90 pieces of hardware for seamless integration

System Requirements
OS: macOS High Sierra 10.13, macOS Sierra 10.12, Mac OS X 10.11 / Windows 10, 8.1, 7
Processor: i3 1.07GHz, i5 1.07GHz, i7 1.07GHZ
Screen Resolution: 1280 x 720
Memory: 4GB
USB: Available USB 2.0 port
Free HDD Space: 5GB