Roland GK-KIT-GT3 Divided Pickup Kit GKKITGT3

The GK-KIT-GT3 from Roland is a kit with all of the parts needed to have the GK-3 Divided Pickup permanently installed on any electric or steel-stringed acoustic guitar. Once the kit is in place, your guitar will be fully compatible with the powerful Roland V-Guitar System, the GR-20 Guitar Synthesizer, and the Boss GK series effect pedals.

All of the components, screws, and wires necessary for installation are included in this kit. A 3-position switch is provided that will enable you to switch between the Divided Pickup sound, the natural pickup sound, or a mixture of both for the ultimate in musical expression.

Note! Installation by a professional is required.

Divided guitar pickup for use with Roland V-Guitar System, GR-20 Guitar Synthesizer, or BOSS GK Effect Pedals
3-position switching between divided pickup, natural bass pickup, or mix of both
Mounts on any electric or steel-stringed acoustic guitar