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Marshall MG4 MG10 Cover

The Marshall MG10 is a 10W combo amp that delivers 2 distinctive Marshall tone sets. With this MG4 Series amp's honest, clean sparkle and aggressive overdrive, the 10W of power is amazingly punchy thanks to the MG10 combo's closed-back cabinet design and carefully chosen speaker.

To further allow you to tune in your desired sound, the Marshall MG10 guitar amp also features a contour control. Use it to adjust the EQ in one single and simple control knob turn. This 10W Marshall amplifier also features individual headphone output and line input sockets. Use the Line In to plug in your MP3 or CD player and play along with your favorite tunes. The headphone socket takes any standard 3.5mm headphone set for practicing in private.


  • Digital controls and flexible user interface
  • Includes presets for versatile tonal control
  • Frequency-dependant damping circuitry
  • 10W
  • 6-1/2" speaker
  • Clean/OD channels
  • Contour control
  • MP3/line in
  • Emulated headphone out