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Marshall MG30GFX Guitar Amplifier w/ Effects 30w Combo Amp GOLD SERIES

Product Information:

The Marshall MG30CFX has a larger sound than the Marshall MG15CFX with a slightly lower frequency response, and is also loaded with a 10 inch Custom speaker. This 30 Watt guitar combo amp gives you that awesome Marshall tone from its 4 switchable channels and 3-band EQ to shape your tone. Choose from Chorus, Reverb, Phaser, Flanger, Delay (tap-tempo) and Octave (fixed) fx for extra flavour. Also, a line in lets you plug your MP3 or any other music player right in. There are 4 channels, Crunch, Clean, OD1 and OD2, which, when in manual mode, operate like any ‘normal’ amplifier. When in preset mode, whatever settings you dial-in can be saved, so that when you switch to them channels, the settings will be recalled (footswitch is not included).



- Four Channels
- One Input (+AUDIO)
- Volume, gain, bass, treble, middle, reverb, effect select, master volume, tap tempo, channel select, memory store
- Phaser, Chorus Flanger, Delay & octave fx
- 1 x 10" speaker
- Head phone out
- Power cable is included
- 10.8kg Weight
- 480 x 420 x 225 mm Dimension
- Footswitch is not included