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Korg C1 Air Digital Piano Black

Product Information:

The C1 is a truly exceptional digital piano. With KORG’s unique history of musical instrument design and audio technology, the C1 offers levels of playability and
versatility that will exceed the expectations of the most demanding pianist. From the very first note, the depth and clarity of sound that the C1 delivers from its
compact, slim-line cabinet will astound both player and audience alike.

First and foremost, the KORG C1 is a superb piano, both as an exciting alternative to an acoustic instrument or in locations where a traditional instrument could
not be used. It never needs tuning and can be used with headphones to avoid disturbing others. Furthermore, a variety of additional features will inspire new
levels of creativity in players of all abilities and enhance their enjoyment of music, including 30 superbly realistic instrument sounds, Bluetooth audio streaming
and on-board recording. Designed and manufactured in Japan, the KORG C1 redefines the digital piano.

While paying homage to the acoustic piano’s traditional form, a new design philosophy elevates
the C1 above the bland, rectangular appearance of many digital pianos. The contemporary
design features linear legs which accentuate the overall styling of the instrument and, at only 26
cm (10.24")* in depth, the C1 can be placed virtually anywhere. Keeping safety in mind, the
cover uses a soft landing mechanism to ensure that it closes gently. The C1 is available in a black,
white or brown wood finish to match the décor of your room. (*Excluding the anti-tip hardware)

Connect a Bluetooth device such as a smartphone to the C1 Air and enjoy playing the piano
along with your stored music or other audio. When you are not playing the piano, you can use
the C1 Air as a powerful Bluetooth speaker system.


• A choice of classic Japanese and German acoustic pianos
• Digital recreation of true grand piano resonance
• RH3 keyboard accurately simulates acoustic piano touch and response
• Thirty high-quality voices
• Newly developed amplification and speaker system
• Contemporary design cabinet available in 3 colour options
• Bluetooth audio playback
• Two-track song recorder to instantly record your performance
• Stereo sound optimizer for added presence when using headphones

Colour Variations: Black, White, Brown (wood finish)
Keyboard: 88 key, RH3 (Real
Weighted Hammer Action 3) Keyboard
Touch Selection: Five types
Pitch: Transpose, Master tuning
Temperament: Three Types
Sound Generation: Stereo PCM
Polyphony: 120 voices (max)
Sounds: 30 sounds (10 x 3 banks)
Reverb and Chorus
Recorder: 2 Parts - Maximum 14,000 notes
Metronome: Tempo, beat, sounds, level
Pedals: Damper, Soft, Sostenuto - Half-pedaling supported
Connections: LINE OUT, MIDI (IN, OUT), Headphones x 2, Pedal, Speakers, DC 24V
Wireless Method: Bluetooth
Speakers: 10 cm x 2
Power Supply: DC 24V
Power Consumption: 18 W
Dimensions (W x D x H): 1,346 mm x 347 mm x 770 mm/ 1,346 mm x 347 mm x 926 mm (with key cover opened)
Weight: 35 kg (Including Stand)
Included Items: AC adapter, Stand