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Hohner Big Valley Tremelo Harmonica 2550/48/ Key of C

Tremolo tuned harmonicas are mainly used in traditional folk music. Blow and draw notes are situated in adjacent holes and the individual channel openings are horizontally divided into two, whereby the upper and lower half each contain one blow or draw note which sound simultaneously. 
 These notes are tuned to the same pitch but a few cents apart, so that they create a tremolo effect when played together. The resulting sound is characterized by a light, pulsating quality which is pleasing to the ear. 
 A tremolo tuned harmonica, The Big Valley is the perfect introduction to the world of folk music. The quality of workmanship, excellent set-up as well as the powerful, key note tone gives this instrument an inimitable tonal range.

Reeds: 48

Holes: 24

Reedplates: Brass; 0.9 mm

Comb: Plastic

Length: 18 cms.

Case included