Alesis DRP100 Drum Headphone

Product Information:

Created especially for drummers who play electric kits who require enhanced isolated monitoring in a live or studio environment.

Specially designed silicone band ensure a comfortable grip and a less “sweaty” feel while the dynamic sound design handles high peaks and transients found in percussion samples.

Extreme Isolating Electronic Drum Headphones by Alesis, these headphones were specially designed to be used for prolong use in a studio or live setting when drummers require high spec monitoring.

The Alesis work particular well as a monitoring system when used with the Alesis transactive monitoring stage amplifier.



Created and voiced for electronic drum monitoring
Over-ear design provides extreme isolation and comfort
Sweat-proof silicone headband for fit flexibility and stability while performing
Powerful 40mm full range drivers
Rear mounted universal 1/8” TRS cable jack
Cable with 1/4” adapter included