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The Fender Jaguar is one of the most classic Fender guitar models ever produced. It did not initially catch on the same way that guitars like the Fender Stratocaster or Telecaster did, but it still became an icon of surf rock. ----

In addition to an unusual body shape, the Jaguar also has an unusual pickup system. Unlike most electric guitars, there are two circuits on the Jaguar. There is a circuit for rhythm guitar and a lead circuit as well.

If you are looking for an electric guitar that will give you cool alternative rock sounds, the Fender Jaguar is a good one to pick. It has been used by the likes of Kurt Cobain, Kurt Vile, Thurston Moore, Courtney Barnett, Jimmy Hendrix, Elvis Costello, and others.

Fender Models

The design of the Fender Jaguar is inspired by the Fender Jazzmaster, but with an evolved design that was intended to lure guitar players away from the Gibson Les Paul.

There are now a few different versions of the Jaguar. There is the Fender 50th Anniversary Jaguar, the Fender Blacktop, the Blacktop Jaguar FSR, the Jaguar Special HH, the Jaguar Classic Player Special, the Baritone Special HH, the Baritone Custom, and the Jaguarillo.

They also have signature models for players such as Kurt Cobain and Johnny Marr, as well as a special Fender Player Jaguar line. Many of the guitarists who have used the Fender Jaguar over the years have preferred to customize it by replacing the bridge with a bridge from the Fender Mustang line.

Although it did not sell as well as the Telecaster or Stratocaster at first, the Jaguar has become more popular over time and has recently been re-issued by Fender.