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PRS 2017 Limited Edition Exotic Top Series

We’ve been really lucky to get our hands on some of the PRS Limited Edition ‘Exotic Top’ 2017 series, and you’ll have to forgive me for any spelling mistakes, because even as I type this, I’m having trouble tearing my eyes away from them!

The gorgeous, dark and magnificent Ebony body would feel at home in the rich Victorian offices of Sherlock Holmes, or hanging polished on the wall as the proudest accomplishment of some master luthier, and the warm, rich tones it produces ring bright and clear in just the way you would hope and expect from this.

The Zebrawood is a warm golden yellow, interwoven with rich grain lines, and in the wilds of the savannah it would be perfectly invisible, but in the guitar shop and on stage it’s a bright, refreshing breath of fresh air, hinting at a life in the wilderness. It sounds brilliant, vivid and golden, and catches the sun with every note it plays.

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