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Blackstar 10AE Anniversary Limited Edition Amps Demo w/ Daniel

The Blackstar Amplification team has had it’s massive 10-year anniversary this year, and in celebration, have released THREE limited-edition 10-watt amplifiers, each one passed down from three of Blackstar’s iconic bloodlines - the Artisan, the Artist, and the Series One.

The Artisan 10AE is of rich British descent, and looks at home on dark mahogany boards, and sounds warm by a crackling fireplace. It’s a low gain, classic crunch amplifier that has impeccable tone, taste, texture, and tubes - an ECC83 in the preamp, and an EL34 driving the power amp. The Artisan has a secret weapon that the other two don’t even know about - a pre-amp Boost switch that can provide that much-needed impact at a strategic moment.

The Artist 10AE is a little meaner, a little leaner, and feels comfortable onstage in the corner of a smokey, crowded bar, or the concrete floor of a dark, warehouse. It has a bright, clear clean tone that rings out, and an earnest, hot lead tone that lights up the darkness. it has an ECC83 in the preamp, and a rich 6L6 in the power amp. The Artist has a built-in Drive circuit up its sleeve, which you can use to bust out a of a tight corner.

The Series One 10AE is tight, muscular, and dynamic. It has broad, powerful shoulders and a huge overhead, a strength unrevealed by its crisp, clean exterior. It’s a modern, crisp sounding amplifier, that’s flexible, eloquent, and employs a massive, high-gain overdrive channel. The Series one has an ECC83 in the preamp, and the mighty KT88 in the power amp. The Series One maintains in pristine condition two little surprises - a screaming OD overdrive switch, and the Blackstar’s infamous Infinite Sound Feature, allowing it to smoothly fly from continent to continent, from the tight US tones to the thick UK tones at the roll of a knob.

All three amplifiers have an effects loop, a speaker-emulated DI output, and a specially-voiced built-in Reverb, and all three are ready to leave you stunned.

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