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KRK Rokit G3 Review

The KRK Rokit Monitor Series has been considered as one of the most popular and bestselling studio monitors on the market for the last 25 years. Not only are they used in studio environments around the world they are also starting to find a new home in DJ booths as well.

The Generation 3 Rokit's will have the same model types as the previous Rokit's that is 5, 6 and 8 inch but adding the newest technology to these already high performing line of monitors.

Firstly the design hasn’t been modified too much, KRK have probably stuck with a design that has been working so well with them for so long. There are some minor differences with the corners being rounded and the speaker mounting screws not showing any more which makes the monitor have a little cleaner look. The size has stayed the same but the unit does look more compact. Overall if you liked the previous design this will also have your approval.

On the rear of the unit you will find some more small cosmetics differences. The power switch has not been rotated and logo has been modified. There is however another major change on the G3 version of the Rokit 5, you now can alter the LF settings with steps of the following: -2dB, -1dB- 0dB and +2dB. This is ideal for users who have them set up with sub woofers and you can create more head room.

One last minor design upgrade is that the G3’s come with a new tweeter which has a clearer sound. You now have a frequency response of up to 35kHz with this new generation and thanks to the light glass-aramid composite woofers there is less resonance which gives a more honest sound. All these upgrades give the G3’s a better stereo image.

Now in comparison to the Gen 2 the all new G3’s have much clearer high frequencies and there is also a better division between the high and middle frequencies. It makes the speaker better balanced. The low end has also managed to receive some improvement from the KRK team. There is a slight fuller sound but their still remains to be room for more improvement on the 5inch version. Distortion? None, cranked up at high volume the G3’s deliver great sound without distortion. That will put a smile on all faces.  

Finally the last modification on the speakers is on the RP5 (5 inch model) you have two separate rotary buttons to alter both high and low frequencies. As mentioned above ideal for creating more headroom. A great plus for DJ’s who can now beef up their low end a bit more.

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