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Choosing the right Piano

You've just finished watching countless videos of the amazing David Sides and Evan Duffy... or just heard a heart inspiring rendition by Lang Lang... and a spark inside you lights up! You know you need to take up the keys, or your child wants to start playing.

The only problem you're facing is you don't own a Piano and don't know much about them. We're here to provide you with a few examples of our best sellers and most affordable keyboards suited to your needs.

We have a huge range of Pianos from the world's most renowned brands: Casio, Roland & Korg.

Let's check them out!



What's included?

- SP280 Keyboard (available in Black or White), AC Adaptor, SP280 Stand, Foot Pedal

Piano players of all levels appreciate playing an instrument that faithfully reproduces the sound and feel of Concert grand piano. Korg’s SP-280 offers that experience in a beautifully-designed digital piano that’s ideal for your home or as a partner on stage.

The keyboard is exceptionally responsive, even when playing quickly repeated figures, to preserve every expressive nuance of the performer.

To further enhance the sound, the SP-280 provides both a Reverb effect, that recreates the spaciousness of a concert hall, and a Chorus effect that adds a colorful depth to the sound. The effects settings have been optimized for each individual sound and the user can choose from three levels - Light, Normal and Deep - to complement his or her performance.

The SP-280 portable digital stage piano includes a high-quality damper pedal that is vital for proper piano performance. It provides the ultimate expressive control thanks to half-pedaling, which is a variable damping effect based on how deep you press the pedal, rather than the simple on/off switch found on cheaper instruments. 


What's included?

- CDP120, AC Adaptor, CS44P Keyboard Stand, Sustain Pedal

Perfect as a beginner digital piano, the Casio CDP-120 has heaps of features making it easy to play with a fantastic piano sound. A spring-less scaled hammer action keyboard with 88 keys delivers real piano feeling very similar to a grand piano.

Five high-quality built-in tones including piano and acoustic instruments, 10 different reverb digital effect types and 5 chorus effect types make plenty of musical variation. The CDP-120 can also be used as a MIDI controller. 

To top off it's quality features, the Casio CDP 120 does not only play well, but looks great. With it's clean and simple design, the optional wooden stand (CS44P) will only add character to your home.

The Casio CDP120 comes with 5 years Factory Warranty.  

Roland F20 Digital Piano 

What's included?

- Roland F20, AC Adaptor, (Optional) Damper Pedal D-10, (Optional) KSC-68 Stand

If you're looking for the first piano for your child, the F-20 is the ideal choice. Delivering Roland's acclaimed piano technologies at a breakthrough price, this compact and attractive instrument offers best-in-class performance that provides a solid foundation for learning the instrument the right way. 

Its rich, authentic tone inspires young players to explore and develop their musical expression, while the fine weighted keyboard action—derived from Roland's flagship models—provides a true acoustic grand touch that's essential for proper piano education.

As a digital instrument, the F-20 presents many advantages over traditional acoustic pianos to encourage learning and make playing fun, including recording and metronome functions, onboard rhythm accompaniment, and a wide selection of sounds beyond the piano.

In addition, free Roland piano apps allow you to use your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with the F-20, providing a great way to motivate kids with play-along songs and enjoyable interactive features.

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