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Fender California series - Now In Stock

Close your eyes. Metaphorically. You won’t be able to read this, if you do.

Picture California, in the 60s. Fender’s California. 

The warmth of that bright, shining sun, the cool, sparkling waves - sandy beaches, green grass, bright laughter; the colours all so vivid and bright its like you could almost reach out and touch it.

Look closer - that girl on the promenade, the sun making a halo of her curls. What is that colourful guitar she’s playing? It seems familiar, from way back. Did the Beach Boys play that? I’m not sure.

Now open your eyes, and look down. Not at your lap, but at the pictures in this post. Pictures of a beautiful, colourful guitar so vivid and bright its like you could almost reach out and touch it.

That guitar is the new Fender California series, and it’s just gorgeous. A beautiful, bold range of classic guitar shapes - Fender’s original four acoustic shapes, in fact, in some gorgeous, retro colours, that are embracing the energy, colour, and life of the Californian culture, and in a range of sizes, slim and petite to robust and rich, and these trademark and uniquely Fender guitars sound different to everything else on the market, and bring something unique and exciting to guitarists on the verandah, the street OR the stage

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