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AMEB Study & Examination Books - Now In Stock

You’re sitting at the bar, firelight flickering across your handsome, roguish features, as you laugh and regale your comrades with the tales of your heroic derring-do;

“..and as the guards tried to follow me across the rooftop, the clumsy oaf cracked through the skylight, and sent me tumbling three stories right onto the pianist in the centre of the governor’s celebrations!”

(you pause for drama, as their eyes go wide)

“..Thankfully, I’m an expert and accomplished piano player, as well as rakish playboy philanthropist jet-setter, and the Governor’s party went off without a hitch!”

As you laugh charmingly, however, Big Eric sneers down from behind an unwashed beard, and says ‘Oh Yeah? Prove it.

And now you can!

AMEB board of musical examination and education is not just a well rounded and useful pathway for education and growth as a musician, it’s also a great way to test yourself, measure your abilities, and have written, empirically tested proof of just how much you’ve changed, just how good you’ve gotten, and just how far you’ve come! 

Belfield Music is now selling the AMEB series of exam, study, and syllabus books in a wide range of instruments and courses, and is taking orders and special orders already!

Don’t be caught out next time you’re called into doubt! grab an AMEB course, and find out if you’ve really got What It Takes!!

Click to see the AMEB Range, if you book your after is not here send us a message and we will get it in for you as well. 

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