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Fender Announces New Pedal Range

NAMM Show 2018 has given us another huge shakeup to the guitarist’s landscape, with Fender (a brand you may have heard of dominating the electric guitar scene, and shaping rock, blues, and all other contemporary music as we know it), with THAT fender, releasing a serious, and professional range of guitar pedals covering all the most important food groups:

The great Level Set Buffer (with level, Hi-Freq trim, passive/active load, and mute); 
’The Bends’ - a compressor with clever recovery-time adjust, and wet/dry blend; 
The Santa Ana overdrive pedal, which runs FET technology, has British and US voicing modes and responds amazingly to a guitar’s volume control;
The Pugilist, dual distortion, with gain stage layering, bass boost, and ability to blend in clean signal, to bring out the clarity of attack tone
The Mirror Image delay, which has delay tails continuing after the pedal is bypassed - something I’ve never heard of in ANY other delay pedal
and the Marine Layer reverb, with rich shimmer atmospheres, as well as hall and room, and a Reverb-tail carry-over, as well

These all are built to a quality and standard that does an already-legendary brand proud, and are destined to become an irreplaceable part of every guitarist’s collection.

Check out the range: http://www.belfieldmusic.com.au/catalogsearch/result/?q=fender+pedal+023453

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