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HeadRush Announces new FRFR112 Speaker

Headrush are not slowing down for one second, and are following up the hugely successful release of it’s all-in-one pedalboard last year with the announcement and impending released of a speaker that is specifically designed to be the perfect choice to run it through, or to run  any other amp modeller or multi-FX!

The FRFR-112 is a powered speaker cabinet with a massive 2000 watts of output power, and is touted as a ‘Full Range, Flat Response” speaker - this has been carefully, and painstakingly built to give you as exact a replication of your sound as it’s possible to get. No amp colour, no flavour, no change at all.

This is the kind of precise, bright response across the full frequency range that you’d expect to see in a recording studio, or Audiophile environment, and comes in a quite portable 12” woofer and 1.5” tweeter. 

It’s pole mountable, has two combination XLR/TRS inputs, and has a balanced XLR output, to run into the Front-Of-House mixer, or link up with additional FRFR-112 cabinets, and at only 16kg, weighs less than HALF what my current amplifier weighs!


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