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Blackstar HT Venue MK2 - Quick Demo + Overview

We’ve just been really lucky to get a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming Blackstar HT Club MK2 range, and it’s making me re-think my whole life.


Blackstar’s top-shelf valvey sound is incredible, and diverse; with two channels splitting into four modes (warm clean, bright clean, overdrive, lead overdrive), and each mode’s tone built around some of the biggest amp names in the industry - a certain sparkly USA clean sound, a familiar warm UK bite, and the kind of screaming tube-driven lead that just begs to be played with.

New to this model, however, is the array of outputs on the rear - a USB recording output allows you to record 4 tracks simultaneously out of this amp (left/right, ‘wet’ or dirty signal, and a flat, clean sound perfect for adding software effects or re-amping), it’s got an XLR DI-output to the mixer, with 4x12 or 1x12 cab simulator, line out and even a headphone output, which is so rare as to be basically unique on a valve amp!

It’s also got a power-soak down to 10% of full capacity, which - unlike many attenuators - cleverly and carefully deprives the power-amp valves of power in a way that leaves your tone completely unchanged, and keeps that speaker-pushing, air-thumping feel!

That’s without mentioning the built-in reverb which has been totally re-vamped into two hugely distinct modes (a warm, rich ROOM reverb, and a bright, snappy PLATE reverb), and the cross-channel +6dB boost feature, which increases volume directly at the power-amp stage, so as not to change or affect the tone at all!

We’re hoping to snag these by the end of October, so keep your eyes peeled - I’m already planning to sell my possessions and re-structure my whole rig, and you just might, too!

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