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Alesis STRIKE Kit - Now On Display & Ready to Demo

We’ve just managed to get one of the brand new Alesis Strike kits on our demo floor, and it’s really turning heads - we had a crowd of hungry on-lookers form as I was assembling it yesterday, and with good reason!

It’s a gorgeous machine of chrome racking and red sparkle drums, and hidden behind that glistening exterior is an awesome kit, with huge, fusion-size mesh pads that have amazing sensitivity and bounce response, cymbals with responsive edge, middle, bell and choke, and a module with a great built in mixer, huge editing controls, and separate instrument channel outputs for recording!

Most exciting (to me) was absolutely the editing software (available for free download from the Alesis website), which has huge, easy kit editing, but also individual instrument sample editing and control, and lets you upload your own sample library or favourite professional software samples, automatically velocity-sort and layer them, and then edit them live straight into your kit’s SD card! We've already got great plans to customise the User Kits section when it’s not busy being demo’d, but for now that’ll have to wait! 

Come in store and try it yourself, and let us know what you think

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