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LAVA Cables


Lava Cable High End Tightrope Solder-Free Kit w/ ULTRAMAFIC Cable

Product Information:

Built for the Performing Musician
Pedalboards are like fingerprints: No two are exactly alike. Off-the-shelf patch cables in predetermined lengths are great but can be cumbersome if they're not the right length for your board. The Lava Cable Tightrope Pedalboard Cable Kit gives you everything you need to custom-craft patch cables at just the right length. You get 10 male TS connectors plus 10' of Ultramafic Solid cable, giving you more than enough to patch your board together. The solder-free connections simplify assembly, and the 20 AWG low-capacitance (32 pF/ft) solid-core cable keeps your signal intact. Sweetwater guitarists put this cable kit through its paces, and we were mightily impressed!

Handmade and combat tested
Designed by Mark Stoddard to withstand high heat and combat while he was deployed in Afghanistan, Lava guitar cables are trusted by countless professional musicians. In addition to offering good-better-best solutions for all types of gigging and recording applications, Lava Cable has improved existing concepts with innovative tools like the Tightrope DC plus, the DIY solder-free plug, and Lava Mini Soldered Plugs. If you don't already have a favorite instrument cable, it's likely you haven't yet tried a Lava Cable.

Lava Cable Tightrope Pedalboard Cable Kit Features:

  • 20 AWG low-capacitance (32 pF/ft) solid-core cable keeps your signal intact
  • Solderless connections for simple setup
  • 10 male TS connectors
  • 10' of cable


Connector 1: TS Male 1/4
Connector 2: TS Male 1/4
Length: 10'
Wire Gauge: 20 AWG
Manufacturer Part Number: LCMUPBKTR