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Natal Pro Series X-Hat

Product Information:

The Natal H-PS-XH X-Hat is the perfect way to mount additional hi-hats to your drum kit. Great for aux hats or hi-hats within double-pedal setups.

Mount and Play
The Natal x-hat arm offers a convenient way to mount auxiliary hi-hats to your drum kit set up.

Whether you want a smaller set of aux hats for effects or you want to mount your main hi-hats separately in order to accommodate better double bass pedal positioning, the Natal H-PS-XH is an ideal choice.

Easily mount the x-hat arm to your drum hardware and you’re good to go.

Clamp, Arm & Clutch

While some x-hat arms on the market require you to purchase a mounting clamp separately, the Natal x-hat comes with everything you need to get up and running immediately.

The H-PS-XH comes with Natal’s pro series multi clamp included. The heavy-duty clamp features a spring mounted mechanism and fits all standard size hardware stands to ensure secure height positioning of your x-hat arm.

The x-hat also comes complete with hi-hat clutch allowing you to set the openness of your hats to achieve your desired sound.


Ideal for mounting aux hats or main hats in double-pedal setups
Includes Spring Mechanism Multi-Clamp for easy mounting
Hi-Hat Clutch Included
Heavy Duty Design