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UNBOXING Our First Ever Fender USA shipment

After years of establishing ourselves as a store for the budding amateur and the experienced professional, Belfield Music has now entered the Big Leagues, and is a certified Fender USA dealer!

These guitars are each gorgeous works of delicate, artisanal hand craftsmanship, by experienced teams of monks, deep within the holy revered Fender monasteries in Corona, USA

We’re going to be doing reviews on each one of our new shipment over the next few days, and we’ll make sure to post the results and empirical evidence of our findings online for you to share, but as any good scientist, make sure to come in and do your own rigorous testing and experiments, yourself

Please call the shop on 1300 00 77 26 or email admin@belfieldmusic.com.au for any inquiries.

Music by our very own Daniel Rosewell

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