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Roli Light Pad & Seaboard Blocks Demo/Overview w/ Daniel & Leroy

The new Roli Blocks are pretty wild.

They’re like the next step in evolution for electronic music production, and what they’re suggesting about the future of live music and music production is an exciting vision of portable, powerful, modular creativity, without limits.

These are almost like some kind of Nano-bot, in that they are small individual component pieces, lightpad boards, loop controllers, mixer controllers, phenomenal 5D Seaboard keyboard controllers, and all built to connect, combine, and interact with each other to create one bigger, usable more complex machine, in any way imaginable. They can be used to control your DAW or their own branded IOS and GooglePlay synth software programs, and like the invention of the telephone, the computer chip, or even penicillin, we’re only just starting to imagine the possibility of what this capable of, and what this will become.

You can purchase here: Roli Light Pad & Roli Seaboard

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