New Features of the HERO4

HERO4 Black

HERO4 Black is the ultimate video powerhouse with stunning new ultra high-definition modes such as 4K-30,

2.7K-48, 1080-120, and even a new larger 4:3 (tall) mode called 2.7K 4:3 (2704 x 2028 px) or 2028P.

HERO4 Silver

HERO4 Silver is similar to the HERO3+ in terms of features and image quality but comes with a built-in touch screen.

Both cameras are the same size and form-factor as the previous HERO3+ models.

Unlike the HERO3+ Black vs Silver, the new HERO4 line unifies the quality across the board, building off of the HERO3+ Black platform. 2.7K-30 and 1080-60 will look very similar across both models so you can mix and match footage from both cameras seamlessly. The HERO4 Black model has additional, more powerful, high resolution/high frame-rate modes.

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