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Korg C1 & G1 Air Overview & Demo w/ Tristan from Korg Australia

Have you tried the new KORG digital pianos, the C1 Air and G1 Air?

I’ve just put them on display in the shop, and it’s actually surprising how big, dark, and more than that loud they sound!

The sounds are based off KORG’s stunning heavyweight flagship KRONOS sound engine, and the three grand piano styles (German, Austrian, Japanese) all sound really distinct - the warm, mellow German, the bright, crisp Japanese, and the well rounded austrian in between them.

The other thing we were happy to discover is that these sound absolutely amazing as a bluetooth device, both for playing backing tracks, and general media performance!

Come in store, and have a listen to this warm, bright piano leave rich, shimmering notes glittering in the air around you.

Korg C1 AIR ONLY $1,499

Korg G1 AIR ONLY $1,799

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