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Fender Hot Rod IV Series Have Landed In Store

Fender have finally released their fourth series of the legendary Hot Rod amplifiers, and there’s already plenty to be gossiping about!

The Hot Rod series (15w Blues Junior, 15w Pro Junior, 40w Deluxe, and 60w DeVille) have long been renowned as THE gigging musicians amp, and that’s no exaggeration. If you’re a working musician, you already have these amps. And if you’re not, you’re either saving up for one, or wondering which amp will give you “that” sound in your head.

Do your research, and try as many brands out as you possibly can. But then try out a Fender Blues Junior, or a Hot Rod Deluxe, and you’ll have that wonderful warm feeling of realising that it was exactly what you’d been looking for all along.

These no-frills, no-nonsense amplifiers are simple, easy to use, and sound absolutely exceptional straight out of the box. They’re famous for their bright, sparkling tone, definition and articulation, and that’s exactly what they deliver, even with the overdrive cranked. Upgraded preamp, volume, and tone circuitry keep that high definition and clear quality at the most saturated of tones, and their upgraded Spring-Reverb circuit maintains it’s clarity across the board.

They all have Celestion A-Type speakers, except the Pro Junior, which carries a Jensen P10R, for a bit more bite at the top end, and regardless of whether you’re looking for your first amp, whether you need a perfect clean tone, or an amp that can ring true when stacked beneath 30 effects, there’s no question at all that these are the ones for you!

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