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ESP Original Custom Shop Horizon Burled Maple Guitar Demo w/ Daniel

In this video, Daniel demos our latest Custom Shop Guitar the ESP Original Horizon Burled Maple in Reptile Black Burst.

Snippet 1 - "Chimey Clean". Channel 1 on amp, middle pickup position
Snippet 2 - "Jazzy Clean". Channel 1 on amp , neck pickup
Snippet 3 - "Rhythm Distortion". Channel 2 on amp, bridge pickup
Snippet 4 - "Lead Distortion". Channel 2 on amp, bride to neck pickup

Guitar signal chain = ESP Custom Shop Horizon CTM > Source Audio Nemesis Delay > Blackstar HT Club 40 MkII > Shure SM57 > Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Gen 2

Additional processing done in Pro Tools.

Cleans = Fabfilter Pro-Q3 to scoop low mids and add presence > Waves CLA-76 for ~3-5dB of GR > Fabfilter Pro-R for short room ambience.

Heavy = Fabfilter Pro-Q3 to scoop low mids > Fabfilter Pro-BM to tame ~200Hz by ~3dB > Fabfilter Pro-R for very short room ambience.

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