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ESP E-II Standard Series Eclipse BB Electric Guitar Black Satin - E2-EC2BBBLKSS

And eventually, as the evening sun painted the festival in hues of soft lavender, the Main Stage’s lamps were lit, and the whole world seemed to whisper excitedly in anticipation.

She took my arm, laughing, and with a gentle pull, led our friends to the front, her hair catching the light from the fireside, and making her seem to glow from within.

As the band members took the stage, the audience responded with a roar that seemed to come from everywhere at once, a primal, heartfelt salute. 

They strode out, confident, casual, and with an easy charm that made them seem taller, brighter, more real than a human being had any right to be, and from the first note to ring in the night sky, my eyes - like everybody’s - were mesmerised, glued to the guitarist, who seemed to hypnotise the audience, his satin black guitar both sinister and strong, had been outlined in a thick, bold silver, that caught the light like a fallen star, held captive in his long fingers.

Before I knew it, the night was over, and we were walking the long walk back to reality, satisfied and exhausted, recounting our highlights from the night, and crowing about the history that we had been miraculously lucky enough to witness. I, however, still had a fallen star in my eyes, and all I could see when I closed my eyes was dazzling and bright.

The ESP Eclipse guitar has been a part of history for years now, and it’s sound in rock music is both familiar and crucial - searingly powerful EMG 60/81 pickups, a light, contoured mahogany body, an incredible set-through neck heel that seems to easily draw the hand up the fretboard, and high-end Gotoh locking tuners, bridge, and tailpiece, with Schaller strap locks as standard, the E-II Eclipse ‘Bold Binding’ has been lovingly handcrafted in ESP Japan’s Tokyo factory to be visually striking, stunning, and unforgettable, and so far, it’s absolutely lived up to its name.

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