Boss WL-20 & WL-50 Wireless Guitar Systems Demo & Overview

BOSS pedals have brought us the fastest small-format wireless guitar system in history - it’s light, it’s portable, and we’ve just spent a weekend giving it the most thorough testing imaginable.

These have survived an expedition into the crowded mania of the Man Cave Exhibition, and no amount of crowd, radio signal, or other interference even slowed them down.

The WL-20 is perfect for home, for small gigs, and apparently for enormous noisy exhibitions, and is given an official range of 15 meters, depending on conditions, but we can already verify it seems to do considerably better than that, without any grief.

The WL-50 is designed to integrate seamlessly into the most rugged of pedal boards, and has a heavy duty chassis, with an emergency cable input, to cover for worst-case scenarios - it’s got an advertised range of 20m, but seems to go on as far as you need it to go

These are set to take over the industry for wireless systems, and there’s nothing more useful to have in your guitar case - come and test them out yourself.

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