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Blackstar HT Venue MK2 Demo & Overview with Tim from Blackstar

We’ve been lucky to get an in-store exclusive demonstration of the new Blackstar HT Venue MK2 series, and it’s making me re-think my life


Blackstar’s top-shelf valvey sound is incredible, and diverse; with two channels splitting into four modes (warm clean, bright clean, overdrive, lead overdrive), and each mode’s tone built around some of the biggest amp names in the industry - a certain sparkly USA clean sound, a familiar warm UK bite, and the kind of screaming tube-driven lead that just begs to be played with.

New to this model, however, is the array of outputs on the rear - a USB recording output allows you to record 4 tracks simultaneously out of this amp (left/right, ‘wet’ or dirty signal, and a flat, clean sound perfect for adding software effects or re-amping), it’s got an XLR DI-output to the mixer, with 4x12 or 1x12 cab simulator, line out and even a headphone output, which is so rare as to be basically unique on a valve amp!

It’s also got a power-soak down to 10% of full capacity, which - unlike many attenuators - cleverly and carefully deprives the power-amp valves of power in a way that leaves your tone completely unchanged, and keeps that speaker-pushing, air-thumping feel!

That’s without mentioning the built-in reverb which has been totally re-vamped into two hugely distinct modes (a warm, rich ROOM reverb, and a bright, snappy PLATE reverb), and the cross-channel +6dB boost feature, which increases volume directly at the power-amp stage, so as not to change or affect the tone at all!

The whole range is in stock now...

Any questions please call us on 1300 00 77 26 or email us at admin@belfieldmusic.com.au

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