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Blackstar HT-20 Guitar Amplifier - Demo & Overview w/ Daniel @ Belfield Music

Fresh from production, fresh off the presses, brand new and shiny and ready to surprise the world, the Blackstar Amplification HT-20mkII has landed, and it’s just what the doctor ordered.

20w (with a power-soak down to 2w) with 2x ECC84 and 2x EL84 tubes packing a wallop, this has two main foot switchable channels (Clean and OD), and a US and UK-styled voice within each, for four distinct, seperate amp flavours available at easy reach. It’s got a studio-quality reverb, Blackstar’s famous ISF tone-roll feature, and an incredible built-in USB recording output, which not only has optional 1x12 and 4x12 speaker cabinet simulation, but also records output on 4 seperate tracks simultaneously - dry, effects loop, and stereo emulated - PERFECT for the recording studio OR the bedroom studio!

Blackstar HT-20C Mk2 Combo

Blackstar HT-20H Mk2 Head

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