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Blackstar Announces Unity Series of Bass Amps

“How many times does an angel fall?” - David Bowie, ‘Blackstar’

Blackstar Amps are rising up, and every time they do, they change, grow, and evolve, like some many-headed hydra.

Do you know what the most requested item in Blackstar Amplification’s history has been? It’s none of their award winning amps, none of the HT valve-driven pedals, or even the ridiculously amazing sounding Fly-3 battery-powered portable amps. It’s bass amplifiers. 10 years of making waves and turning heads in the guitar scene, and still what they hear the most talk about is how much the bass-playing community wants to be a part of the Blackstar movement. And it’s no surprise that when Blackstar descends from the heavens and answers their prayers, it’s changing things forever.

The UNITY bass series comes from an infinity of time spent carefully researching a long range of historic and iconic bass amplifiers, technical data, and player requirements, and the end result is powerful, dynamic, and detailed, with the ability to move and blend between three classic power amp stages, and three unique preamp voicings, through its Response control and phenomenally sensitive and responsive 3 band parametric EQ, and will give a huge range of shape and contour to your tone with just the slightest adjustments.

Finally, they have released an ACTIVE speaker cabinet, which can be linked up to any amp in the Unity range, and will add an additional 250w of power and pressure! Such an obvious and useful idea, that I almost never come across in the wild, you’re going to find that the Unity range really changes your outlook on bass amps, and your ability to perform with them!


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