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Tascam US-1X2 USB Audio Interface 1-In/2-Out

Tascam US-1X2 USB Audio Interface


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Product Information:

1-in/2-out Audio & MIDI Interface with HDDA Mic Preamps and iOS Compatibility
TASCAM’s US-1x2 brings great quality desktop recording to a price never before possible. It features a high-quality Ultra-HDDA microphone preamp as well as a 1/4” line input - switchable to instrument level for guitar or bass.
In addition, both stereo line inputs and outputs are found on the rear panel for fast an easy connection of all of your exisitng audio gear. The unique design of the bio-cell side panels angles the US-1x2 up from the desktop for easier usability and - to make sure that you are up and running in minutes - both Steinberg Cubase LE and Cubasis LE are also included.

Main Features
Ultra-HDDA Mic Preamps for Clear Audio Quality from All of Your Mics
TASCAM's own Ultra-HDDA mic preamps are the cleanest, quietest, and best-sounding from any interface in their range. A gain range of 57dB makes them ideal for any type of mic – dynamic, condenser, or ribbon. With preamp performance well beyond any interfaces in their price range, the Ultra-HDDA preamp on the US-1x2 makes your tracks sound like a record.

Discrete Ultra-HDDA Mic Preamp Delivers Low Noise and Low Distortion

TASCAM's Ultra-HDDA (High Definition Discrete Architecture) mic preamp design is based on discrete components, just like classic professional gear. They achieve an incredible EIN rating of -125 dBu, meaning their noise level is practically below the range of hearing. Other impressive specs include a signal-to-noise ratio of 101 dB, out-speccing anything in its price range. But instead of judging the design merely by test measurments, key components were selected following extensive listening tests.
Musical Components like NE5532 Op-amps Used for Input and Output Stages

TASCAM uses proven, great-sounding components throughout the US-1x2. One example are NE5532 op-amps, famously used throughout classic recording consoles and signal processors due to their sweet, musical sound.
XLR and TRS Accept Balanced Mic and Line Level Signals

The mic input features a professional XLR connector, which supplies +48V phantom power for condenser microphones. Built from heavy duty metal throughout, the US-1x2 stays put even when moving mics around and changing connections.

The combo input jack includes TRS inputs for balanced line-level signals from professional processors and synthesizers. Finally, the two inputs can be switched to high-impedance for direct recording of electric guitar and bass. (Only the XLR or 1/4" input can be used, not both at the same time.)
Wide Gain Range Supports Dynamic and Ribbon Microphones
Non-powered mics like dynamic and ribbon designs can sound great, but they also have a lower output level than condenser microphones. The US-1x2's Ultra HDDA mic preamps not only feature 57dB of gain, but also a low-noise design so you don't crank up the noise at the same time. Plug in modern or classic mics and still get plenty of level on your tracks.
Simple Operation and an All-New USB Driver
Installation of the US-1x2 a breeze, whether usnig the built-in class-complient driver or the high-performance ASIO or Core Audio drivers. Built from the ground up for superior audio performance, the software and driver suite of theTASCAM US-1x2 will kep your sessions running fast and smooth.
Also included with the driver software is a simple-to-use on-screen control panel, which monitors and adjusts critical interface settings.

High Resolution Recording up to 96kHz/24-bit

The US-1x2 records at up to 96kHz/24-bit resolution. Even if your target is CD or MP3, recording at higher resolutions gives you more to work with in the mix and can result in a smoother sound. Ensuring studio quality audio performance, the mic preamps and A/D converters work together to capture the clearest signal path, whether you work at 96k or at lower sampling rates.
USB 2.0 Computer Connection
USB 2.0, found on nearly any computer, is used as the interface for the US-1x2. Simply connect the interface to any available USB port to supply plenty of bandwidth, even for multichannel 96k work.
Zero-latency Direct Monitoring Function
Even the most efficient computers and DAW software can produce a slight delay before reaching the outputs, which can distract some vocalists and instrumentalists. A Direct Monitoring path is included to monitor the input signal before it is sent to the computer. This allows musicians to concentrate on their performance instead of adjusting for latency delay.

Sleek industrial design that inspires creativity with a practical interface

Bio-Cell Side Panels Add Style and Ergonomic Design

The US-1x2 features removable Bio-Cell Side Panels developed by renowned industrial designers The Box. These unique panels serve a dual purpose and add a striking look to the interface as well as angling it on the desktop for increased usability.
The angled design is optmized for deskptop viewing and operation much more comfortable than other interfaces with controls on the top or front of the device. The unique design of the TASCAM US series places these at a natural angle, making operation easier and keeping the creative flow going.
Separate Volume Controls for Headphones and Line Outputs

The US-1x2 includes both headphone and line output volume controls. Even when both powered monitors and headphones are connected, the user can set an optimum level for each during operation. And when you want to work on headphones, you don't need to reach around to switch off your monitors.

Class-Compliant Drivers for use with iPad and Other Tablets
The US-1x2 is built with class-compliant drivers built into the units. Not only does this mean that they can be used with many computers without first installing a driver, they also open the possibilities of with tablets such as Apple's iPad.
Connect to iPad, iPhone, or other iOS devices

Use Apple's Camera Connection Kit to connect the US-1x2 to an iPad or other iOS device. Utilitze the multichannel audio and MIDI functions with any of the thousands of iOS audio apps, like Garage Band or TASCAM's Portastudio app. Class Compliant drivers also allow the interfaces to be used with Android and Windows-based tablets. Playback form the iPad, such as synthesizer apps, sound bigger and smoother through the interface than going through the headphone output alone.
* A TASCAM PS-P520 AC adapter (sold separately) is necessary to power the US-2x2.
* Apple's Camera Connection Kit is not included with this product.
* When connected, the US-2x2/US-4x4 will not provide power to the iOS device.
Tested with Sonar, Pro Tools, Cubase, Live, Studio One, and Garage Band
TASCAM has tested the interface operation with all leading DAW software, such as SONAR, Pro Tools, Cubase, Live, Studio One and Garage Band. Use the interfaces with your favorite Mac or Windows recording applications, not just the bundled apps.

Bundled DAW Software Starts The Music Right Out of the Box
To make sure that you are able to get up and recording as quickly as possible, the TASCAM US-1x2 comes bundled with copies of both Steinberg Cubase LE and Cubasis LE.
CUBASE LE / CUBASIS LE — Advanced DAWs for PC or iOS

With Cubase LE you can turn your Mac or PC into a beautiful and easy-to-use music studio. This compact DAW offers you all the basic tools for recording, editing and mixing everything from the initial musical idea to the final track. Cubase LE assists you during the creative process — whether you are a songwriter, guitar player, vocalist or electronic music producer, Cubase has the right tools and features at hand.
Cubasis LE is the compact version of Steinberg’s streamlined, multitouch sequencer for the iPad, providing the same look and feel of its bigger brother Cubasis. Specially designed for quick and easy operation, Cubasis LE makes recording, editing and mixing a breeze. Cubasis LE places touch-intuitive production tools in your hands, opening a new world of possibilities for your creativity.


Functions common to both the US-1x2
Ultra-HDDA (High Definition Discrete Architecture) mic preamp with −125dBu EIN
NE5532 op-amps used at the audio input and output stages
Up to 96kHz/24-bit recording
Support for Windows and Mac OS X operating systems
USB 2.0 computer connection
USB bus-powered for mobile recording
Optional AC adaptor available for use with iOS devices
Connect with iPads and other iOS devices
+48V phantom power on microphone input
Switchable 1/4" high-impedance input
Microphone preamp gain range of 57 dB
Direct monitoring function for zero-latency monitoring
Tough all-metal casing for durability
Angled design provides excellent usability on a desktop
RCA output jacks suitable for connection to powered monitors
Standard TRS headphones output jack
Separate controls for line and headphones output volumes
MIDI input and output via USB
Input sound monitoring can be set to stereo or mono
USB class compliant 2.0 support
Confirmed operation with major DAW software (SONAR, ProTools, Cubase, Live, Studio One, Garage Band)

Sampling frequency 44.1k/48k/88.2k/96kHz
Quantization bit rate 16/24bit
Analog audio inputs
Connector XLR-3-31(1:GND, 2:HOT, 3:COLD), BALANCED
Input impedance 2.4k ohms
Nominal input level
GAIN:MAX -65dBu (0.0004Vrms)
GAIN:MIN -8dBu (0.3090Vrms)
Maximum input level
(GAIN:MIN ) +8dBu (1.9467Vrms)
Gain 57dB
IN 1
Connector 6.3mm(1/4")TS-jack(T:HOT, S:GND), UNBALANCED
(When set to "INST" at MIC/LINE.INST switch)
Input impedance 10k ohms
Nominal input level
GAIN:MAX -41dBV(0.0004Vrms)
GAIN:MIN -8dBV(1.9467Vrms)
Maximum input level
(GAIN:MIN ) +10dBV(3.162Vrms)
Gain 57dB

Connector 6.3mm(1/4")TRS-jack(T:HOT, R:COLD, S:GND), BALANCED
(When set to "MIC/LINE" at MIC/LINE.INST switch)
Input impedance 10k ohms
Nominal input level
GAIN:MAX -41dBu(0.0069Vrms)
GAIN:MIN +4dBu(1.228Vrms)
Maximum input level
(GAIN:MIN ) +20dBu(7.75Vrms)
Gain 57dB
Analog audio outputs
Connector RCA pin-jack Unbalanced
Output impedance 100ohms
Maximum output level +6dBu (7.75Vrms)
Connector 6.3mm(1/4") stereo phone jack
Maximum output level 18mW+18mW or more
(THD+N 0.1% or less, 32ohms loaded)
Connector Via USB
Format Standard MIDI format
Connector USB B type 4-pin
When connected PC USB bus powered
When connected iOS AC Adapter
(TASCAM PS-P520, sold separately)
Power consumption 2.5W
146mm W x 55mm H x 120mm D
Weight 1.37lb (623g)
Operating temperature 5 to 35˚C
Bundled software
Steinberg Cubase LE
Steinberg Cubasis LE
Accessories USB cable, User's manual, warranty card

Audio performance
Frequency response
44.1k/48k Hz 20Hz to 20kHz, +0dB/-0.5dB
88.2k/96k Hz 20Hz to 40kHz, +0dB/-01.0dB
44.1k/48k Hz 20Hz to 20kHz, +0dB/-1.0dB
88.2k/96k Hz 20Hz to 40kHz, +0dB/-3.0dB
THD 0.006% or less
S/N ratio 100dB or more
Crosstalk 95dB or more
EIN -127dBu or less

Computer system requirements
OS Windows 7(32-bit SP1, 64-bit SP1), Windows 8.0(32-bit, 64-bit), Windows 8.1(32-bit, 64-bit)

* For further information of the latest OS version, please click here.
Compatible computers Windows-compatible computer with a USB 2.0 port
CPU type/speed Dual core/2 GHz or faster (x86)
Memory 2GB or more
OS OS X Mountain Lion(10.8), OS X Mavericks(10.9)

* For further information of the latest OS version, please click here.
Compatible computers Apple Macintosh computer with a USB 2.0 port
CPU type/speed Dual core/2 GHz or faster
Memory 2GB or more
DRIVER Core Audio, Core MIDI
OS iOS 7

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